Care Plans

Our pediatricians are comprehensive, integrative and think outside the box to offer guidance on illness prevention, disease treatment and overall mental and physical health and wellness. They know each family personally and communicate closely with your family as needed. Our office offer a wide range of health services both at Calabasas Pediatrics and in our extended wellness center including integrative pediatric medicine, adolescent care, nutrition, mental health, eating disorders treatment, neurofeedback, lactation, newborn and baby care education, infant sleep, speech therapy, nanny training and a variety of parenting workshops.

Each family is different and has different needs. To best serve our community, our pediatricians offer an extraordinary level of care as described below. Please note that we are out of network providers for all insurance companies. Vaccines, however, can often be covered by your insurance through a local pharmacy and administered in our office.


For families that desire a VIP Level of personalized care and full access to your physician via cell phone, text, email, and video calls 24/7.


  • Unlimited in office, phone, video, telehealth visits
  • All routine vaccinations
  • After hours appointments when available
  • 24/7 access to doctor via text, phone, video, email
  • Convenient same day, non-rushed appointments with a provider
  • Personalized health plan including vaccine schedule, nutrition, sleep & school counseling
  • Your personal advocate and coordination of care with local and national specialists
  • Home and Hospital visits available
  • Most routine in-office tests
  • Low cost in-office prescriptions
  • Submission of out of network claims to your insurance company

Birth through 12 months – $8,000 per child per year (or $725/mo = $8,700)

1 through 3 years – $7,000 per child per year (or $625/mo = $7,500)

4 through 21 years – $6,000 per child per year (or $535/mo = $6,420)


Phone: 818-914-4429