Calabasas Pediatrics Wellness Center

A different kind of practice.....

What does Calabasas Pediatrics Wellness Center Offer?​

At Calabasas Pediatrics Wellness Center, we treat the “whole child.” Our pediatricians are world renown and specialize in ensuring your family is doing everything you can to raise healthy, happy children. Our office staff is friendly, educated and knowledgeable about all things pediatric and health related to help assist your family’s needs.

From your newborns earliest days of life, we work with parents and caregivers to ensure their newborn gets the feeding, sleep, education, care, and support needed to get you and your infant on the healthiest path possible. For families who join with toddlers, children, or teens, we review all past medical records and history to ensure that nothing has been missed that might affect their future wellness and come up with a personalized plan for success. 

Should your child need to see a local or national specialist for any physical or mental health concerns, we will work closely with each of your child’s health providers to ensure care is coordinated. We strive to use all resources at our disposal to come up with a comprehensive wellness plan of action to prevent and treat illness and achieve a successful, healthy life.

We understand that in today’s modern age that many of our families travel often or even live in different locations. We will help you determine if any travel vaccines or medications are needed and make sure that your family is well stocked with necessary medications and supplies before to be well prepared and protected for upcoming trips.

Appointments are available in our beautiful, modern, and clean office or in the comfort of your own home. Our providers and staff understand that each family is unique and has their own needs and therefore will tailor and personalize each experience for your family.

Interested in Joining?

Please call us at 818-914-4429 or email Office@calabasaspeds.com